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Webinar on Drones

Recently I joined Survey Tech for a webinar about drones!

This webinar was part of a series by Survey Tech focusing on different industries!

This one focused on drones. Drones are already transforming the way many industries work, with huge possibilities for both safety and efficiency.

I was joined by host Matt Lacey from Survey Tech, David Frazer from Cloudcam UAV, Rhys Morgan from GWP consultants.

Some of the topics covered:

Photogrammetry vs Lidar Difference between a low cost drones and high end specialist equipment

Where is it possible to fly, and how easy is it to obtain permission.

Using RTK with drones Ground Control Points Combining with a GNSS base

Payloads: Laser scanners, multispectral, thermal, speaker to scare pigeons!

My part covered the different types of industries that use drones including public safety and surveying!

Thank you to Matt at Survey Tech for having CH Eye. To view the webinar, click on the link YouTube here!

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